Inter-school Sports and STEM Competition 2021-2022

Date: 14/06/2022

In order to cultivate students to continue to exercise and establish healthy living habits, 100 students from our school participated in the two-week Inter-school Sports and STEM Competition.
Participating students wear smart bracelets synchronised with a mobile app to compete at home, including the 10,000 Walking Steps competition, physical fitness challenge and STEM FUN exercise Science quiz. Our students actively participated in the competition. They won the runner-up in the competition with a total of the 7,239,092 steps! In addition, our students also won the award for the fastest individual completion of level 10 fitness activities and the decathlon award. Many students won the 10,000-step award as well. Other than having fun and winning prizes in the competition, the most important thing is to do more exercises, and build a healthy life.